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Talking Harps is connecting the harp world through conversation.

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The internet has brought a lot of opportunities, removed a lot of gatekeepers and allowed you to directly connect with fans all over the world.

Josh Layne
Harp Connections Episode 1 guest

All music is essentially a conversation. It's all about communication and collaboration really feels like the ultimate form of that communication between people.

Ailie Robertson
Harp Connections Episode 2 guest

We can feel things together while playing music we could never ever describe with words.

Babett Niclas
Harp Connections Epsiode 3 guest

Most of us listen to music to find ways we can connect and empathise with each other.

Casey Stratton
Harp Connections Epsiode 4 guest

I'm a big advocate of harp exams.  I think it is a really great goal to work towards.

Anna Dunwoodie
Harp Connections Epsiode 5 guest

Creativity, at least for me, is never the same.

Marianne Gubri
Harp Connections Epsiode 6 guest

How to get started? Find your local harpist and reach out.  Just ask.

Justyna  Krzyżanowska
Harp Connections Epsiode 7 guest

Every harp is different and every harp is unique.

Carol Kappus
Harp Connections Epsiode 8 guest

The music is just a mean of transport of the soul of the person who played it to the inner soul of the one who is listening.

Adriano Sangineto
Harp Connections Epsiode 9 guest

I want to see more musicians, different musicians - not harpists, actually embracing the harp.

Lucie Hendry
Harp Connections Epsiode 10 guest

Part of the reason I did 'Learning the Lyre Harp' is because I wanted to emphasise the learning part of it.

Sharon Brownell
Harp Connections Epsiode 11 guest

To me, it's just as much about the stories behind the music, behind the tunes I play as about the notes in the tunes.  It's about getting the listener to connect with my music through the stories, so that they can feel the connection too.

Rachel Hair
Harp Connections Epsiode 12 guest

Harp and Connection
are our passion

I started taking harp lessons in April of 2020 when I found myself spending a lot more time at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As I dove into the harp world, I discovered an amazing array of people that are all connected by the same instrument: the harp.

Through my conversations with harp lovers around the world, I came to realize that there is a lot of amazing work being done but are yet to be discovered by many. This gave me the idea of creating 'Talking Harps' with two of my harp friends, Angela and Javier.

Creator & Host


Meet the team

Angela: Planner, Go-Getter

Angela thrives on making plans and removing barriers to achieve big dreams - both for herself and for those around her. When she is not playing the harp, she can be found organising her notebooks or talking about the harp. Angela teaches high school mathematics and lives in England with her husband.

Javier: Thinker, IT Whisperer

Javier loves to figure out how things work and strives to learn something new everyday. He applies this philosophy towards his life-long wish of playing the harp and has found the results very rewarding thus far. Javier lives in ​Switzerland where he has a job that serves another passion in life: helps maintaining and keeping aircrafts flying.

Victoria: Connector, Harp Momma

Victoria enjoys building human connections. Her Harp Connections interview idea inspired the 'Talking Harps' project. Victoria values collaborations and is invested in cultivating sustainable and meaningful relationships. She lives in Canada with her husband and two children.